Sugar Free Candy Shamim

sugar free candy shamim raspberry

Other products of Zarin Taba Company are candies and flaky candies which are sugar-free or low calorie. This product is a type of candy that is friendly to the teeth due to the elements used. Zarin Taba sugar free candy has attracted a large number of consumers. This candy has …

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Cold candy

Cold candy is what you need for Cold

It is a kind of candy with Pseudo-medicinal properties that was formulated for the first time in Iran by Zarin Taba Company in 2000. After obtaining manufacturing and distribution licenses from the Food and Drug Administration and creating processes and producing this product, it entered the market. Zarin Taba cold …

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Sugar free candy flaky shamim

sugar free flake model

Sugar-free flaky model candy is one of the other products of Zarin Taba that is like fish flakes.This product is a kind widely used product in Iran because of its shape and taste. .this products introduce to the market under the brand name of shamim For more information please check …

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Mint freshener tablets

mint refreshener tablets

Mint tablets are another product of Zarin Taba that is produced and offered in different colors and in hygienic packages using natural mint flavorings. This product is considered as a mouth freshener that has many properties of mint. This product makes breathing easier, cool the airways, anti-flatulence. Before we get …

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Mouth Freshener Tablets

Zarrin Taba mouth freshener tablets is one of the most widely used and popular products in Iran. This product makes the mouth fresh and fragrant. And as you consume this product It does not have much effect on your blood sugar or calories. This product has a variety of uses, …

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